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Why Bras?

There are women all over the world who wear bras and yet there’s a shortage of bras for sale in many markets around the world. Selling bras allows women who have been rescued from sex trafficking the opportunity to work alongside other women to fill a unique need in the marketplace. Bras do not detract from established local businesses that sell other types of products and allow the women to contribute to their local economy.

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Why BoGo?

Many developing countries have a ban on the sale of second hand clothing due to health concerns. BoGo Bras will be donating brand new bras for women coming out of sex trafficking to sell. A large inventory of new bras will allow women to start their own business of selling bras in many new countries where they otherwise wouldn’t have that opportunity.

How does selling bras help stop human trafficking?

When women are rescued from sex trafficking they rarely have a job waiting for them. Many women and girls were trafficked from a young age and did not receive an education and don’t have a skill set to offer to an employer. This lack of opportunity combined with fear, wondering if they will be able to provide for themselves, pushes the women back into doing what they know. Giving women the opportunity to start their own business selling bras encourages them to believe in themselves, be financially independent, and have hope for a better future.

Why do you call the women entrepreneurs?

The women selling bras are gaining basic business skills. They are responsible for managing their money to buy more inventory, managing their profits to provide for themselves and their families, and working on dealing with people. They ultimately run their own business.

How do the bras get to the women?

BoGo currently partners with Free The Girls, an organization  that collects new and gently used bras, to ship to the rescued women. Free the Girls works with aftercare organizations who distribute the bras and train the women on how to start their own businesses selling the bras.

Does every shipment of donated bras go to the same women?

When rescued women choose to participate in the Free The Girls program, only their first box of bras is a donation. The women must manage their money and save enough to buy another box of inventory if they would like to continue selling bras. By giving the women the opportunity to  empower themselves as entrepreneurs, they can gain confidence in their own skills and take full responsibility for their journey to freedom..

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