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Give One

Your purchase helps rescued women start their own business!

Everyone Deserves Freedom!

Support Entrepreneurship: Fight Human Trafficking

  • For every bra that is purchased, we donate a bra to women coming out of sex trafficking to start their own business.
  • The box your bra is delivered in can be reused to send back more donated items!

Why Give a Bra?

  • Selling bras in their local communities allows rescued women the opportunity to learn business skills (managing money, handling inventory, dealing with people, etc.) that they can take to a future employer when job hunting.
  • Provides a work environment of working alongside other women while they get back up on their feet.
  • Currently 45 Million Trapped in Human Trafficking
  • Since many girls and women who have been trafficked did not have the opportunity to receive an education, they can find it difficult to get a job post-rescue.

This is an Incredible Way to

  1. Tell women they CAN own their own business.
  2. There ARE alternative job opportunities 
  3. Allow women to support other women by purchasing a bra

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